Superfast Broadband – Fibre FTTC, G.Fast, FTTP, ADSL and 4G-LTE

If you’re looking for a new Broadband connection or having problems with an existing one we can help.  As an Ofcom registered ISP based in Plymouth we can offer a local service for Devon and Cornwall that goes beyond the installation of the line alone.  Call us on 01752 540540 for more details.

We are able to provide new line installations using our own high grade business services, usually services run very smoothly of course but in case of line faults or other issues problems we can run line tests and gather diagnostics right here from our office in Plymouth.

We are able to supply Leased Line, EFM, Superfast FTTC (including G.Fast) & FTTP (including FTTPoD) fibre along with standard ADSL2+  broadband lines, offering advances in speed and reliability.

We can provide broadband using either or both BT/Openreach and LLU providers in your exchange. This provides a fully redundant auto failover solution using two or more broadband lines, or combine with 4g/LTE. With over 10 years dealing with broadband suppliers we can also help with problem lines and installations which need some additional expertise to order.

Stuck with a slow landline connection?  If you don’t have any access to decent FTTC or FTTP, we also have excellent 4G/LTE solutions that can get you connections of over 30+Mb/s with good data bundles that are suitable for small businesses or households.

Existing connections we can examine and streamline for you – we are also more than happy to deal with ISP’s on your behalf.

For any information on the services we can provide, or just to discuss how the lines we sell can improve your business, please give us a call on 01752 540 540.