Number portability and saying no to 0870

0870 and 0845 numbers are used to create a Non geographical number but the caller will pay more than the standard national rate for the use of these services. 

For 0870 it is often likely the destination will make money from the call and they are often very expensive. 

0845 numbers tend to be provided to companies for free, or for a small monthly fee, but the company selling the number makes a small amount from the inbound call.  With 01 and 02 (and 03 Charity numbers) then the rate is the standard UK National rate.

One way of saving money on telephone calls is to avoid using 0870 and 0845 by searching for an alternative using ‘Say No to 0870’. THis also listes 0845 and other premium rate numbers.

Just type in the number you have without any spaces, and for many larger companies there will be the underlying landline number.  Clearly if you don’t get through then you should try the original number given as the 0870 and 0845 may have been redirected to another landline over time.

One example is Barclays Bank, where the 0845 number given can be replaced by a landline but also there is 0800 Freephone number – even better!

The reasons for using 0845’s are valid. Companies often wish to have a non geographic presence to help them move office in the future, or perhaps so that they can redirect the number, but with recent changes in the industry 01, 02, and 03 numbers can be held in the “cloud” and redirected to a landline, or even better to a VOIP phone system so that callers pay a reduced rate and there is no inbound cost for the owner of the number.

If you want to know more about number mobility, or you are thinking of moving office and need to take your number with you to the new office location then please get in touch with us.