Top Tip – Creating Signatures in Outlook 2010

Several clients have asked how to create a Signature in Outlook, so I thought I’d post it share it here.

Having a signature block saves time when you write emails, and ensures that you have make a consistent impression with those you communicate with.

To create a new Signature Block

Start by getting to the Signature setup screen, this is easily reached  by starting from the new email screen.

Now select- Insert, Signature – then  Signatures.

This should give you the following screen (click the image below to enlarge)

You can now create a New Signature and paste in the content, or edit an existing Signature.

Once you have your signature(s) set up, then you can select the Choose Default Signature settings on the right, so it automatically appears when you start a new email, and when you reply.  I use a shortened version for replies, as often the logo doesn’t work if I’m replying to someone that wrote to me in plain text.

You can select alternative signatures by a quick right click on the signature when you are creating or replying to an email  (don’t right click the actual logo though as that doesn’t work)

If you do need some extra help, or have signatures to roll out across your company, then MazingTree can help, please do get in touch.